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The Wedding Biz

Oct 23, 2017

Valerie Romanoff has had music in her veins since she was a little girl of two years old. Her love of melodies, guitar, and learning all kinds of music has propelled her into the world of high-end wedding and event performances with her company Starlight Music. Valerie knows just how important music is at a wedding, and how it acts as the heartbeat of the entire event. Every crowd and event is different, and Valerie creates a musical experience that is catered exclusively to each of her clients. In this week’s interview on The Wedding Biz, Andy and Valerie share their stories about being on the music side of the professional wedding industry. Valerie tells all about her musical background, what’s changed in the industry for her, and what her process of putting together an event performance looks like. This creatively charged episode is perfect inspiration for those who are looking for a top-tier musical act at their own wedding, and for other musical professionals who want to know what it takes to be at the peak of the field. Listen in now. Links Valerie Romanoff [Starlight Music Website] Valerie Romanoff [Instagram] Valerie Romanoff [Facebook] Valerie Romanoff [Twitter] Healing Music Vol. 2 [Album]