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The Wedding Biz

Apr 30, 2018

Join The Wedding Biz host, Andy Kushner and Marketing Director Melissa Fancy as they break down Lisa Gooder's interview. Lisa Gooder is the Executive Director of Brides Magazine. 

Andy and Melissa dive a little deeper into the content from Lisa's interview and discuss the following:

  • Current trends in weddings
  • Why the...

Apr 30, 2018

Lisa Gooder was always passionate about telling stories. No matter the workplace-- from artifact appraisals to digital media, to Lisa, the way a story could connect others and draw interest were obvious. Enter her break into the wedding industry, where the story has been culturally set for decades - that is, until...

Apr 16, 2018

Initially, Jose’s parents were nervous about him becoming a photographer. As recent US immigrants, they didn’t think his dreams of making money in portrait photography would come to fruition and wanted to see him take on a more traditional career path. 

But Jose knew he was onto something when he started...

Apr 9, 2018

To Ron Ben-Israel, a cake is far more than a cake. It’s equal to a performance. And if anyone knows about performance, it’s surprisingly the master of couture celebration cakes.


After graduating college with a Fine Arts degree, Ron saw the world through two distinct lenses: the Israeli military, and a ballet...