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The Wedding Biz

Dec 11, 2019

The Next Level welcomes Shannon Leahy to the show. Shannon is the owner of Shannon Leahy Events, based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. She designs weddings and events worldwide and has been named one of the top wedding and event planners in the world by Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and Harpers Bazaar. Shannon has also authored an online course called WED School to teach aspiring wedding professionals about the world of high-end weddings and event design.

Although Adam isn't in the events industry, he has a lot of great ideas on how to most effectively use Instagram. He speaks about how to improve your Instagram presence, gives great tips on how to engage followers, and advice for people who conduct workshops or even just a creative way to partner with friends in the industry. He also talks about IGTV and how to use this to your advantage to gain followers.

Have you ever left a voice DM instead of just writing a message? Andy and Shannon give their insights to Adam's thoughts on why a voice DM is better, his ways of using Instagram Live, how to use Q & A's to engage followers, and conduct mini-summits. They also discuss the fact that posting on IGTV will significantly help you grow your audience.

Listen in as they bring out the highlights of this very informative interview. If you are as in the dark about all the ways to use Instagram as we are, you need to listen to Adam's interview on The Wedding Biz. Take notes because he gives step-by-step instructions can't miss this episode.


Show Highlights:

  • [00:59] Welcome to the show Shannon!
  • [02:32] Shannon talks about Instagram being huge for her business and how she uses and benefits from it.
  • [03:46] Do you personally run your own Instagram page?
  • [04:30] They chat about Adam's idea of leaving voice DM's instead of a written message.
  • [06:25] Have you ever done a split-screen interview or Q & A on Instagram?
  • [08:10] Shannon says everyone should ask themselves, what am I using my Instagram for? Is it up to date?
  • [10:13] They discuss using Instagram as a platform to have weekly live mini summits.
  • [12:20] You can use IGTV to post videos of what is happening behind-the-scenes at your events. The algorithm is heavily weighted in favor of these videos.
  • [13:42] Shannon agrees with Adam about using smaller-volume hashtags instead of high-volume ones.
  • [15:30] She believes that using the old school way of engaging your audience by following, liking, and commenting seems to be the most effective.
  • [15:43] Thank you so much for being on the show today.

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