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The Wedding Biz

Feb 6, 2023

Did you grow up knowing what you wanted to do with your life? Most people change their minds multiple times before they decide on their career. Today’s guest grew up always being creative, as her father was an engineer, building things. If you asked her then, she would not have an idea she would be where she is today – an entrepreneur growing something from nothing, and knowing what her skills were, and what she could pass on to others.

Paula LeDuc of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering and Events started out in college studying Sociology and Special Education. With an Italian heritage, Paula LeDuc grew up surrounded by family who loved to cook and entertain, yet she never cooked until after she was married! Exploding unexpectedly, the catering business for Paula came so naturally. Listen in to hear all about Paula’s ultimate goal of creating the experience for her clients.


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Show Highlights:

  • The transition into becoming a caterer
  • Paula’s first catering event
  • The organic process used for developing Paula’s business
  • How it is all about the relationship
  • The process of a catering event, with examples
  • Not being cookie cutter, or following other trends
  • Details on the extravagant wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas
  • Differences between the different types of events
  • Training employees to their summary of style
  • Challenges faced and how to handle them
  • It is a team, and the team needs to stay in sync
  • Organic garden, being 100% green, and everything cooked on site
  • Thoughts about the next 5 years
  • Inspired excellence program Paula uses with her company
  • Balancing business and personal life
  • Paula’s morning routine and how she defines success


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Instagram: @paulaleduc

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