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The Wedding Biz

Jun 30, 2021

This episode features Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York. We have the privilege to listen to how Ceci built her business from the ground up. Ceci of New York is an artist and designer of not only invitations and stationery but art and branding materials as well. Ceci tells stories of her client’s life in her design of invitations and stationery, and about being in the business of happiness.

Show Highlights:

  • A little on Ceci’s background growing up
  • Some lessons Ceci learned from her father
  • How Ceci works hard on maintaining and projecting such a positive perspective
  • How she got into the bridal industry
  • Ceci moving to New York from California
  • Her first jobs and invitations she created
  • How Ceci gets inspired for each client
  • Some stories of clients Ceci has worked with
  • Save the Dates are your first impression
  • Establishing partnerships with other companies
  • Ceci’s philosophy on pricing
  • Giving alternate solutions/choices
  • The business aspect of the company
  • Systems that are critical in Ceci’s company
  • Ceci’s  brand consultation and design for other people
  • Common mistakes she finds with others on their branding and design
  • Quotes Ceci lives by and loves
  • Some of the biggest tips she gives in this industry
  • How Ceci defines success


Instagram: @weddingbizshow

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Instagram: @cecinewyork and @cecijohnson

Ceci New York Website