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The Wedding Biz

Feb 22, 2021

This is a revisit of Andy’s popular interview of David Tutera from May of 2018 with a new introduction. 
Show Highlights:
  • David’s unexpected childhood upbringing that heavily influences his outlook on life
  • David shares how to avoid burnout in a fast-moving industry
  • Why strategically re-inventing yourself in your career is crucial
  • David’s short college experience and his first post-college business
  • How old David was when he planned his first wedding
  • What David thought most wedding planners were missing when he started his event planning business
  • The challenges of starting a new wedding planning business
  • The two pivotal years that put David’s business on the map
  • His experiences on television, including the launch of his first series
  • David shares his two biggest fears, and how he uses them to find empowerment
  • The process David takes with his clients to create custom events
  • Some of David’s favorite weddings of all time (including his own!)
  • About David’s product line
  • How David has seen the wedding/event industry change over the past 30 years