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Jan 27, 2021

Today, Andy's guest is Nikki Khan, the Founder of Exquisite Events, specializing in South Asian weddings out of Los Angeles and working worldwide. Listen as Nikki shares how meditation helps her stay grounded, how the pandemic has changed her perspective on time spent with family and the way they enjoy each other's company, and to never take things for granted, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Nikki shares how she spends her days now versus how they were spent before the pandemic, the walks she takes, and how she spends time noticing the beauty of nature. Nikki also talks about the fun she had planning micro weddings for her two youngest sons, the joy she felt watching her grandkids on the dance floor, and how she took time to appreciate each moment with family. 

Nikki believes that smaller, more intimate weddings will be the focus in 2021, but she hopes that by 2022 the larger events will be back in full force. The weddings may be smaller, but Nikki shared she will not slash her prices. The time and effort she puts into each detail won't change; smaller is sometimes better.

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Show Highlights:

[02:42] Welcome back to the show, Nikki!

[04:23] Nikki shares that meditation keeps her grounded and helps her immensely.

[07:40] Nikki believes that meditating multiple times a day keeps you humble and gives you perspective.

[09:20] Nikki speaks about how the pandemic has affected her business and her personal life.

[11:34] Nikki shares about a canceled wedding one week before the event because of the COVID shutdown.

[14:57] What is a day like for you now versus pre-pandemic?

[18:10] Nikki has a very exciting venture coming up that they will launch in a few months.

[19:09] Nikki discusses planning mico weddings for her two sons in 2020 and the joy of watching her grandkids on the dance floor and savoring each moment.

[20:54] Nikki believes that initially, weddings are going to be smaller and more intimate post-pandemic.

[22:51] How do you think this will affect pricing?

[25:22] From a business perspective, Nikki would love the big weddings to come back, and she believes they will be in 2022.

[27:37] Thank you so much for being on the show!




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