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The Wedding Biz

Jun 29, 2020

"The best-laid PR & marketing strategies are rooted in intent and purpose." Listen as Andy Kushner and his guest Natalie Denyse discuss essential building blocks of a strong PR and marketing strategy, how to create a culture for your brand, and rethinking your brand message plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Natalie is the founder of In Good Company Public Relations, a boutique PR and marketing firm servicing distinguished brands in the wedding, events, and hospitality industry. She uses a forward-thinking approach, combining media relations, social content, and off-line marketing tactics into one holistic strategy. Natalie is also the creator of The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide, a digital education resource for creative brands looking to propel their businesses to new heights.

"Reach your clients where they are." Listen, as Natalie shares, the first thing you need to build a strong PR and marketing strategy is a powerful message or elevator pitch. She also discusses ways to keep your brand secure and build relationships even when things get a little unpredictable, like they are now with the pandemic, but also think about strategies that will pay off in the long term.

"A post should feel thought out." Natalie shares examples of what she means by keeping up with your social media by curating photos on Instagram and telling stories by utilizing the full capabilities of a caption. Another way is to put out an email newsletter sharing something of value to let them know you are thinking of them. Don't miss a word of what she has to say.

Also, Andy has launched a new podcast network called The Wedding Biz Network, in which he produces podcasts for other people in the event industry, with Sean Low being its first member. Sean's show, The Business Of Being Creative, comes out every Tuesday and stay tuned for more new show announcements coming soon.



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Show Highlights:

[02:01] Welcome to the show, Natalie!

[02:41] Natalie gives her definition of public relations and marketing.

[04:42] Where did you cultivate your passion for public relations and marketing?

[06:58] Natalie shares the building blocks of a strong PR and marketing strategy.

[07:27] The first thing Natalie says you need is a powerful message.

[09:43] What is your elevator pitch?

[11:35] Natalie encourages anyone who is thinking about getting started with PR and marketing to build a consistent content strategy.

[14:22] Natalie shares that you need a proactive value-forward approach to relationship building.

[15:11] How do you create a culture that will follow your brand through the hard times?

[17:39] Natalie speaks about establishing strategies now that will pay off in the long term.

[20:35] Think about ways to expand your network thoughtfully to get your ideal clients in the room.

[21:13] What is your advice for people who feel stuck right now with the pandemic slowdown?

[24:21] Now is the time to refine the pieces of your marketing message to ensure that all the decision-makers feel comforted that you understand their unique needs.

[26:11] Natalie shares some other things that you can do to keep your momentum.

[28:41] What do you mean by storytelling as related to posting on social media?

[31:27] Brands should think creatively about how they can do more storytelling.

[34:05] Natalie shares that if you are a creative and you have something to offer your clients or industry partners, put together an email newsletter.

[35:20] Decide where you will put your efforts to build your business for the long term to weather the storm down the road.

[36:21] Natalie, do you have any final thoughts for the listeners?

[37:08] Thank you, Natalie, for being on the show!




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