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The Wedding Biz

Nov 27, 2017

Darcy Miller has always had creative inspirations around her. From growing up with creatively inclined parents, to creating her own crafts and projects in 6th grade, she’s had the gene in her. Her design and editorial contributions during the early days of Martha Stewart Living would eventually lead her to becoming the Editor -at-Large at Martha Stewart Weddings. Her journey, full of fascinating jobs, integral connections, and chances to pursue her own creative ideas, remind us all to stay true to our passions, and to always be willing to do whatever it takes to keep your dreams alive. Today, Andy and Darcy share stories about how the wedding industry has changed so completely over the years, and how Martha Stewart Weddings became one of the main driving forces of the explosion of creativity and options in the wedding arena. The pair also discuss how Darcy’s positions changed and pivoted over her years at several publications, what her DIT philosophy means, and her own take on celebrating everything life has to offer. Her entrepreneurial spirit and determination is an inspiration for anyone in the business, no matter how experienced or new to the field they might be. Check out her full interview right here. Links Darcy Miller Designs Darcy Miller [Martha Stewart Weddings] Darcy Miller [Celebrate Everything] Darcy Miller [Facebook] Darcy Miller [Instagram] Darcy Miller [Twitter] Darcy Miller [Pinterest]