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The Wedding Biz

Jan 29, 2018

When it comes to luxury weddings and events, every detail can become a work of art. Today, I am talking all about business with Wombi Rose, CEO of Lovepop. Lovepop specializes in 3D greeting cards that are truly works of art. Whether it is a card for someone you love or unique invitations to a wedding, Lovepop communicates your message and affection in a unique and surprising way you just can’t find anywhere else. I am excited to have Wombi on the show today because his business is transforming the greeting card game. It is an unusual story that I know you are going to want to hear. Lovepop cards are a feat of both artistry and engineering, which makes sense once you know about Wombi’s background. Before turning to business, Wombi’s attended school for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Encouraged by friend and future business partner, John Wise, to join him at Harvard Business school, Wombi found a new avenue that combined his love of learning and desire to solve real-world problems. While completing his studies, Wombi experienced firsthand the beautiful paper art of kirigami in Vietnam. He and John were mesmerized by the cards and knew they were something special. Neither of the guys felt inclined towards consumer goods, but the kirigami cards demanded to be brought to the rest of the world! These 3D cards combine artistry and architecture in a beautiful way that is very much like Wombi himself, a juxtaposition of art and science. “We memorized our entire business and our entire financial model. You have to know your numbers on Shark Tank.” - Wombi Rose If the name Lovepop sounds familiar, it’s most likely because Wombi’s company is one of the greatest success stories from Shark Tank. I asked Wombi all about the process of applying for and then being on Shark Tank, and he was more than happy to share the experience. What compelled Kevin O’Leary to back Lovepop was their desire to spread some love with beautiful art. These guys are turning out a new magnificent design each week, and it is evident that talent runs deep in the DNA at Lovepop. Wombi and his team have a strong business model and a deep desire to make the world a little more beautiful, and that is the heart of so many of us in the Wedding Business. Show Highlights: Wombi shares his international history as well as his love of learning. Hear how Wombi fell in love with one unique school, and the art and science he learned about constructing ships. How one internship and the team atmosphere there led him to consulting and starting a business with John. Why designing a ship and designing a 3D card has striking similarities. Wombi and his colleagues took a huge risk, and boy has it paid off! What compelled Wombi to apply to appear on Shark Tank, and what it takes to survive. Discover what happens after the cameras stop rolling. Wombi and John made it to the Billboard Music Awards. Learn all about the Possible Project. An engineering education and an artistic perspective are the motivating forces behind Lovepop’s philanthropy. Why “Customer Happiness” is a core value at Lovepop. Every week, they launch a new design! Links: Lovepop Online  The Possible Project Lovepop Team Video