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The Wedding Biz

Jul 31, 2019

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and Valerie Gernhauser, CEO of Sapphire Events, discuss Meryl Snow’s second interview on the Wedding Biz. Valerie is a self-proclaimed, recovering attorney who has built a business out of design practices and principles as well as teaching others how to build their own business. She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained through trial and error in her years in the business.

Listen to learn how Valerie and Andy feel about Meryl’s philosophies about training, pricing, and sales. They dive deep into how they train their teams, the importance of cold calling, and why Meryl’s thoughts on pricing had them re-evaluating their own pricing structures. There are so many great tidbits of thought and reflection in this episode. Don’t miss out on a word!


Show Highlights:

[01:02] Welcome back to the show Valerie Gernhauser.

[02:16] Valerie discusses the need for having sales strategies and processes in place.

[03:35] Hear Valerie’s goals for both of her brands and how she came up with her numbers.

[05:12] Valerie shares how her team is structured and who is on it. 

[06:00] How does Valerie approach sales training for her team? 

[08:08] Selling through storytelling, what are Valerie’s thoughts? 

[11:09] Why is client retention so important in the event industry? 

[14:00] Valerie shares her thoughts about Meryl’s comments on pricing.

[19:09] Connect with Valerie and learn about her Pricing for Profit webinar.


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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Valerie Gernhauser of Sapphire Events

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