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The Wedding Biz

Jul 17, 2019

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy and Jes Gordon, the rockstar event producer, chat about Darren Olarsch’s interview on The Wedding Biz. Jes has been involved in planning and visualizing top tier events for huge companies and has a lot to say about the space. Listen in to hear her input on the live music scene for occasions and how passion is the driver of business.


Andy and Jess dive deep into the need for, and the push towards, live music and how a hybrid model of a particular type of live music and DJ entertainment is a key to capturing our short attention spans. Many event planners and organizers enter the space as a way of life and that passion is what makes them great. Learn more on this episode!


Show Highlights:

  • [00:58] - Welcome back to the show the amazing Jes Gordon!
  • [03:16] - Learn why Jes supports Darren’s use of live bands for events.
  • [05:40] - Have you ever thought about who plays in these live bands? 
  • [07:15] - Is live music making a resurgence?
  • [09:15] - Where is the hybrid model going? 
  • [10:29] - Why is harmony so important between sound, light, and experience?
  • [11:52] - How are music and performance art related? 
  • [13:34] - Learn Jes’s take on how Darren’s passion fuels his business.


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