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The Wedding Biz

May 15, 2019

The backbone of any successful business starts with the quality of your connections. There are many ways to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, which Debbie Geller of Geller Events shares in this week’s episode. Today, Andy Kushner and Guest Co-Host Sean Low, of The Business Of Being Creative, dissect these tips in order to help you break them down into smaller and conquerable steps to apply to your own business. To learn more about how you can set yourself up to have the business you’ve always dreamed join Andy and Sean in this episode of The Next Level.


Show Highlights:


  • Defining your intentions and facilitating a lasting relationship with clients
  • Maintaining the trust necessary to prove that you won’t put your clients at risk
  • Being committed to clients and establishing a mutual understanding of your value
  • Dictating how to charge and charging your worth
  • Investing in what you believe in
  • Tapping into where people feel most comfortable and being themselves


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