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The Wedding Biz

Sep 10, 2018

In this episode of THE NEXT LEVEL, Andy and Melissa are breaking down lessons learned from Abby and Tait Larsen of Style Me Pretty. 

Abby and Tait have had a journey that most bloggers will never experience - being bought by AOL and eventually on the chopping block, but given the chance to take their business back and make it better than ever.

Today Andy and Melissa discuss:

  • Abby says she made every mistake you could possibly make in business.
  • Why it is better to go deeper and tell a bigger story.
  • How to gauge your success - it's about having a blast doing what you love!
  • Authenticity has been the key to success for Style Me Pretty.


Don't forget that next week we have the amazing Preston Bailey back for a second interview - and it's even more amazing than the first!