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The Wedding Biz

Jun 25, 2018

Stephanie Bradshaw has more than just impeccable taste, she has a knack for project management and has a very diverse business portfolio-which in our opinion has lead to ultimate success!


Growing up in a traveling military family, she quickly found inspiration through other cultures, colors, and textures from around the world, and she’s translated that into her love for event design and production. But even more than the art of an event, Stephanie is a fearless business leader who has endless inspiration and skill to offer when it comes to team development, taking on the right clients for your brand, and creating truly inspiring events-- all while balancing print publications, industry summits, and raising a family.


Tune into this episode to be inspired by Stephanie’s drive, all while picking up some invaluable  tips along the way.

About Stephanie Bradshaw


Currently based in Baltimore, Stephanie spent her childhood traveling through the world in a military family. Inspired by her travels through Germany and Asia, Stephanie is now an event planner, designer, mentor, and owner of a highly successful business with her name on the door.


Show Highlights:


  • How Stephanie started expressing her interest in design
  • How early childhood travels inspire her on a creative level
  • Stephanie’s surprising  first job out of college
  • How Stephanie made her transition into event design
  • Why getting fired was so incredibly monumental for her
  • How to set up an effective internship program
  • Stephanie gives tips and advice on how to manage a group of staff and interns
  • Why you benefit from having a graphic designer on your event production team
  • Questions you can ask your next clients to get to know them-and serve them best
  • Touching stories from Stephanie’s favorite events she’s designed
  • How to know when to say no to clients or projects-and feel OK about it
  • The difference between branding and marketing
  • Methods Stephanie uses to stay organized and balanced


Links Mentioned in the Show:


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