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The Wedding Biz

Dec 18, 2017

Sharon Sacks is the epitome of a multi-tasking go-getter! Early in her career she caught her first big break working with Berry Gordy Jr. and his Motown Records label during its peak which included projects with Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. From there, Sharon went on to work with Jerry Perenchio, who turned out to be her greatest mentor yet. Through working with him, she got the opportunity to explore her love of creation through various weddings and events such as a grand celebration for Prince Andrew. Sharon ultimately emerged into the world of business and since then conquered numerous other projects such as creating a collection of home decor for Alchemy Fine Home and fine china for Lenox. Her passion for creation and desire to foster memorable moments has flourished and helped her become the prestigious and creative business woman she is today. Today's interview is one you will not want to miss. Sharon Sacks sits down with Andy to share stories about her her road to success. She also shares details of superb weddings, phenomenal celebrations and intimate gatherings. As well as tips on crafting the perfect team to pull of such events. Tune in to listen! Links Sacks Productions [Website] Sacks Productions [Instagram] Sacks Productions [Twitter] Sacks Productions [Facebook] Sacks Productions [Linkedin] China by Sharon Sacks Cosmo Happy Hour Podcast In Style "7 Celebrity Wedding Planners to Put On Your Radar" Montecito Wedding Featured on Vogue Sharon Sacks Inducted into Bizbash Hall of Fame