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The Wedding Biz

Oct 2, 2017

Rodney Bailey bought his first camera at 12 years old, saving up all his money from a summer of mowing lawns to pay for it. He got his first gig photographing a friend’s sister’s wedding at age 16, just a few weeks after getting his driver’s license. Rodney’s career started when he was young, blossoming out of a passion for the art of photography, and that passion is still burning bright today. Rodney Bailey’s photography work, both in the wedding industry and in corporate and political venues, sets itself apart from others in the business because of his unique process he’s put in place for clients. He’s all about giving a full service experience that produces genuine moments in time beautifully. Andy and Rodney dive into how he anticipates the most important moments to capture at a wedding as well as how the 21st century technology we all have plays a role in the photography business. You’ll hear about Rodney’s most hilarious wedding stories, his process for clients, and what’s on the horizon for his business. Listen to the full interview now. Links Rodney Bailey Photography Rodney Bailey Photography [Facebook] Rodney Bailey Photography [Instagram] Rodney Bailey Photography [Twitter]