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The Wedding Biz

Nov 12, 2018

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of reorganizing the furniture in your home?  Today’s guest, is quite familiar with that feeling, in fact, he’s been redesigning his spaces since he was young.

Now a leader in event design, he stays under the radar with most events, but deserves a serious moment in the spotlight.  


Robert Fountain of Robert Fountain International is known all over the world. Creating visions most people can’t even dream of, he has become an artist for top organizations, corporations, and elite individuals. Robert started out with his first event as a Ronald McDonald carnival and now sets himself apart as a master in event planning. Listen in and hear how one 30th birthday party became career-changing for him!


Show Highlights:

  • When event design really began for Robert
  • How he ended up moving to California and what really made him want to stay
  • Accepting the responsibility for unfortunate situations and not blaming others
  • The transition from being a floral designer to designing whole events
  • Robert’s first real event that helped Robert start his own business
  • The importance of creating legacy clients
  • Structure of Robert Fountain International
  • Stories from some of the events Robert has put together
  • Providing services without a contract
  • Pricing himself, and his services
  • Managing the business side, building the business structure
  • Robert’s next adventure and what his future projects look like


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Instagram: @weddingbizshow

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Instagram: @robertfountaininternational