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The Wedding Biz

Sep 17, 2018

On today’s show, we get to hear from Preston Bailey with a brand new conversation to follow up from the first time we had him on the show. Preston was named one of the best wedding designers in the world by Vogue Magazine. Preston’s client roster includes celebrities, royal families, CEO’s and athletes. He has created a number of art installations which are featured across the world with showcases in NY, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taiwan, Macao, and London.  

Preston has a table top linen collection, which is a collaborated effort with Nuage Designs. He also supports the industry through his Preston Bailey protégé program through a series of specialized master classes that offer mentorship and education to industry professionals. Preston is the Author of 7 books, 5 of which are best sellers, and also does speaking engagements, seminars, editorial profiles, television and radio interviews.


Show Highlights:

  • Biggest issue still coming up is pricing
  • How Preston handles pricing with clients
  • Showing clients visuals on paper
  • Preston does the visual and fantasy while another employee does pricing
  • Consumers becoming more demanding
  • It is more challenging with social media and the images out there
  • New things from Preston this past year
  • What transformation exactly is
  • About working with Serena Williams
  • The Concerts that inspire Preston
  • Have to be prepared for dry years
  • One tip for a floral designer scaling her business


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