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The Wedding Biz

Sep 24, 2018

Pablo Oliveira’s work is so elegant and sophisticated, his portfolio images alone are a feast for the eyes. Nuage Designs, the name of Pablo’s company, is growing internationally. From royal weddings to inaugural balls, Nuage Designs has been dressing the tables of some of the most prestigious events globally including Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding.


Pablo grew up in Brazil, and with no history of design or events in his family, becoming who he is today appears to have been a total accident. Always having an artistic side, though also loving math, he ended up going to Switzerland to study Hospitality. Dealing with high end expectations comes from Pablo’s background in the Hospitality industry.  Pablo started his company working in the textile industry and is now considered a trend setter in the linen world. Starting with his first warehouse, Pablo has grown his business and continues to do so.


Show Highlights:

  • Nuage Designs company name and how Pablo came up with it
  • Pablo’s background and passions growing up
  • How he ended up going to college for Hospitality in Switzerland and what got his attention to go there
  • Did internships in Switzerland, Barcelona and lived in California, and now Miami
  • Being let go from his last hospitality job began an opportunity with a friend in a Textile industry at 25 years old
  • One role model in Pablo’s life was the owner of a hotel in Miami
  • The biggest things Pablo learned from working for him was being humble, having a hands-on approach and caring deeply for his business and team
  • Pablo had no background in design when he began working in the Textile industry so learned on the go
  • Pablo started showing friends in event design fabrics and they mentioned they do not buy, they rent. Thus the idea of starting a rental company was born
  • Pablo was conservative as he grew his business never taking on debt or investors
  • Nuage Design company is starting to spread internationally and has around 50 employees
  • Pablo’s newest passion is to learn every detail about his business
  • The process of linen design planning
  • Trends change quickly, so continue to introduce new products
  • Collaborating with Preston Bailey for a linen collection
  • Pablo gives tips  and advice in dealing with linens
  • The next 5 years of Pablo’s career and where he thinks he will go
  • Pablo tells a story about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding
  • Balancing business with personal life


Nuage Designs Website

Watch the making of Preston Bailey Linen Collection



Nuage Designs Instagram: @nuagedesignsinc

Pablo Oliveira Instagram: @pablocoliveira


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