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The Wedding Biz

Oct 30, 2017

How do you truly entertain without boundaries? Just ask event designer, producer, and planner Jes Gordon. Designing and planning events that are constantly pushing creative and innovative limits is what she does best. From getting inspired by her clients and their families to seeing what’s on the streets of cities and incorporating that into her work, she’s got no short supply of amazing ideas. Though Jes technically started her career in the design world working in a floral shop at the tender age of 13, she hit it out of the park big-time at 19, where her innate ability to design and produce fabulous events became apparent. After a few serendipitous turning points in her life, she started her own business Proper Fun, which encapsulates what Jes’ style and process is all about. Today, Jes and Andy delve into how the wedding industry has changed, and how there can still be a balance of professionalism and personality if you do it right. She shares what her most and least favorite events to produce are, why she deems herself an event producer rather than just a designer, and how her upbringing shaped her path to becoming a world-renowned event creator. Jes’ interview brings her splash of personality and vivid inspiration to listeners, showing that there’s always something new to create and be inspired by every single day. Check out the full episode right here. Links Jes Gordon [properFUN] Jes Gordon [Instagram] Jes Gordon [Facebook] Jes Gordon [Twitter]