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The Wedding Biz

May 1, 2023

It takes a certain level of skill, a problem-solving attitude, and more than a dash of creativity to throw a spectacular wedding. Between coordinating the client’s vision, compiling vendor partners, troubleshooting setup, and sending the bride down the aisle, wedding planners have a lot on their plate. After creating absolutely stunning weddings and high-profile events for over 20 years, Debbie Geller, my guest today, knows a thing or two about event planning and design.

Geller Events operates out of Los Angeles, but she’s been designing events all over the world. Her high-profile clients come from a long legacy of word-of-mouth business. She does little to no PR, instead relying on client referrals and legacy clients who keep coming back for Debbie’s personalized touch on everything from weddings to corporate events. She breaks some of the typical event planning stereotypes to provide a unique experience tailored to each couple. Debbie is the heart and soul of her business, though none of these events could be accomplished without the help of her teams. Today, Debbie will share with us how she creates an environment where the clients, the creative partners, and her team all feel valued and cared for. If Geller Events is a ship, then Debbie Geller is the captain, and it’s all hands on deck.

“There is no such thing as a typical wedding because all of our couples are unique. We focus on getting to know the couple very well.” ~ Debbie Geller

The secret sauce to Debbie Geller’s amazing success is the amount of time and personal attention she puts into every event. If there is a snag with the venue or a last minute emergency, Debbie assures her client that is her problem, not theirs. Debbie’s dedication to every step of the process is absolutely inspiring. We all have a thing or two to learn from her experience, and as Debbie will say, “Experience is everything!” Listen this week as we learn a thing or two about how to throw a fantastic event!

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Show Highlights:

  • Debbie shares with us why she started cooking and how food makes wherever she lives feel like home.

  • After working in real estate and law, Debbie left when the wedding biz came knocking at her door.

  • Early on, cold calling was the key to Debbie’s success.

  • Hear all about the kinds of high-profile events Debbie works on.

  • How Debbie builds a creative team to execute an event.

  • The process of a “typical wedding” from start to finish.

  • The story of the favorite wedding of all time.

  • Debbie takes care of her teams.

  • A tale of the biggest and hardest event that Debbie has ever worked.

  • What Debbie loves about doing events for families.

  • Personal touches for the guests create business through legacy clients.

  • How Debbie is a workaholic who takes care of herself.

  • Debbie defines success by the excitement and next-level commitment to an event.

  • The internet has been the biggest change for Debbie to build up the best team.


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