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The Wedding Biz

May 2, 2022

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership has many meanings, and everyone may have their own perspective on it. Today’s guest, Brett Culp,  has a wonderful point of view on leadership and has built an amazing foundation for his life.

Brett had a very successful career as a videographer in the lux wedding market, for ten years,  until the recession of 2008 forced him to pivot. Now a filmmaker and keynote speaker, Brett Culp films is based out of Tampa FL.  He also is an author, and produces short films such as “How to stay positive when the world feels negative.” Brett has 3 main key elements he has come up with to live by, do great work, show it to lots of people, and be really nice. Join us today as we learn that people love to work with people they like.


Show Highlights:

  • How Brett built his foundation
  • When Brett became passionate about film
  • How Brett transitioned into a film career
  • Having a large goal, and breaking it into smaller and achievable goals
  • 3 key elements Brett came up with to foster success
  • The story behind Brett transitioning his career
  • Brett’s first documentary he filmed
  • Not having to spend money on marketing
  • Brett’s perspective on leadership and what it means to him
  • Challenges weddings had and letting go of stress
  • Mindfulness and why it is so important
  • Brett is more of a flow person verse an intention person
  • Being more comfortable with the mysteries of your life
  • Going through cycles to transform into who you are today


Brett Culp Website

Facebook and Instagram: brettculpfilms

Twitter: brettculp

Overview of Brett’s work/career -

Clip from one of Brett’s keynotes -

Trailer for Brett’s new film, Look to the Sky:

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