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The Wedding Biz

Mar 31, 2021

Today's episode with various members of the LEC, which stands for Live Event Coalition, in order to discuss the mission of the organization, what's in the latest relief bill, what is being worked on for the upcoming May recovery bill, what the organization advocates for, and how we can support it. 

Guests include:
Dwayne Thomas - Chairperson for Government Affairs, Live Events Coalition and President Live Events Industry of Oregon and his company is Greenlight Creative.  
John Garberson - Creative Director of Backstage  and President of the AZ Chapter of the Live Event Coalition.
Kelsey Morgan Rausch - Handles marketing for the AZ chapter of the LEC and is co-owner of Honeybee Events.

-Check out site of the LEC and of our guests: 
LEC can be found at 
Dwayne Thomas’s company is Greenlight Creative, which you can find at 
John Garberson’s company is Creative Backstage which you can find at 
Kelsey Rausch’s is Honeybee EVents found at