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The Wedding Biz

Dec 30, 2020

On today’s show we hear from Ines and Veronica of Ines Di Santo, a bridal and evening gown couture dress designer. We learn how Ines grew up with the deep creative passion to having her business now.  


Show Highlights:

  • Where the passion got ignited
  • Ines tells her incredible and unique story about growing up including her traumatic move from Buenos Aires to Toronto
  • Ines’s biggest dream in her life was to have a daughter and she is the passion of Ines’s life
  • Ines first wedding dress she made and how she obtained her first sewing machine
  • How Ines convinced a bank for a loan for her first fashion show
  • Veronica growing up in the industry with her mother
  • Veronica’s passion first being in film before it became couture gowns
  • What Veronica’s roll evolved from, was when she started helping her mother, to what it is now
  • How Ines got the exclusive on materials
  • How Ines got distribution
  • Weddings gowns are memories
  • The importance of choosing a gown for your personality
  • Some details on the technique of designing the dresses
  • About the team and what they do for the company
  • How they maintain happiness
  • The future and a look into it

Connect with Ines and Veronica:

Ines DiSanto Website

Ines DiSanto on Instagram

Ines DiSanto on Facebook

Ines DiSanto on Pinterest


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