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The Wedding Biz

Nov 18, 2020

"I believe there are no better problem solvers in the world than special event professionals." Andy is excited to have David Beahm and Christina Matteucci back on the show. David is a popular event designer based in New York City, working worldwide, and Christina is crucial to David's business as she is his Executive Director. Both have been on the show multiple times and are informative and enjoyable each and every time.


"We are all on different ships in the same storm." David and Christina discuss how they handle the unrest in our country and what they are each doing to stay grounded. They believe that you have to follow what the universe has set before you and look at the opportunities around you to serve your community and help anyone you can.


They share how they are keeping business alive and bringing in revenue, Christina has been coaching, and they have been helping their legacy clients with decorating for the holidays. They believe that the outlook for the events industry in the future is bright. It might be different, but no one adapts better than special event professionals. 


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Show Highlights:

  • [01:17] Welcome back to the show, David and Christina!
  • [02:29] David shares how he is handling the unrest our country is under and how he stays grounded.
  • [04:41] Christina speaks about the emotional rollercoaster and how she is handling it by taking care of her community with baked goods.
  • [07:43] David believes you have to say, this is what this is right now, and we can't control everything.
  • [10:37] Christina discusses following what the universe has set before you and look at the opportunities around you.
  • [13:40] Christina shares how they are staying busy and bringing in revenue during this crisis.
  • [15:09] Being asked to coach is something Christina is grateful for that keeps her busy and helps her financially.
  • [16:21] David talks about checking in with his legacy clients and getting some decorating business during the holiday season.
  • [18:07] Are you feeling a sense of hope with the change in the administration?
  • [19:20] Christina believes that the barrier for reentry will be accurate and available, rapid testing.
  • [21:36] David discusses what he thinks events will look like once the event industry gets going again.
  • [22:46] Christina is excited to watch the ingenuity that comes out of this.
  • [24:34] "I can't wait just to be able to hug people again." 
  • [25:31] David believes many people aren't used to living at working at this level of depletion.
  • [26:47] David says that “we are all on different ships in the same storm.”   
  • [27:44] Thank you both for being on the show!                                                           


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