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The Wedding Biz

Mar 5, 2018

If you’ve never had the joy of working with a partner who absolutely lives to utterly blow the clients’ mind, then you will find this interview with today’s guest, Eddie Zaratsian a breath a fresh air. Eddie’s abundant energy and passion for creating a feast for the senses, allow him to reflect the very essence of his clients in an unimaginable way. 

Eddie Zaratsian is the Owner of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design. Eddie was born in Armenia and came to the US when he was 5 years old. Eddie watched his parents come to the US, unable to speak English, without the promise of a career, and yet they still set out to pursue their dreams. The family eventually arrived in Hollywood and built the life they had dreamed of. Eventually, Eddie started his own business that grew over time and became a luxury lifestyle and design company serving A-list clients and creating events that cultivate a sense of wonder and delight the senses. 


Show Highlights:


  • Hear the unexpected way that Eddie started his business - it even took Andy by surprise!
  • Eddie loves using natural elements to create his masterpieces
  • Hear the one simple choice that every Bride makes that becomes the inspiration origin for Eddie’s design.
  • Hear Eddie’s philosophy on why he doesn’t normally bid again competitors.
  • Turning clients into friends isn’t an easy task, but Eddie does it - hear how he does it.
  • Eddie’s is finally letting himself loose, and you won’t believe the difference it makes in his videos.
  • Eddie Zaratsian will eventually create a product line - stay tuned for that!
  • Learn the type of guidance that Eddie gives to the clients he mentors.
  • Hear Eddie describe some of his favorite events 
  • Want to increase your proposal close rate? Eddie’s learned the secret of closing the deal.
  • When clients have budgets that are too low to create a fabulous event, Eddie is able to get his clients to spend at least 20% over their budget!
  • Have you ever turned down a client? Eddie shares how he’s done it and why.
  • Money is energy. Hear why Eddie pays very close attention to that exchange of energy.