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The Wedding Biz

Dec 11, 2017

As Owner, CEO and Creative Director of AOO Events of Los Angeles since 1989, David Merrell has seen and done just about everything there is in the world of events. David’s start in life may sound unusual compared to other wedding professionals. He worked several 9 to 5 office jobs, including a position as an underwriter for an insurance company. His journey from office worker to owner of an award winning event planning, designing and producing company is truly unique and inspiring. Today, Andy and David share a chat filled with stories about his path to professional success, and how he handles the pressures and logistics of such a complex industry. The pair also touch on what’s changed in the wedding and corporate event world, how to set the best price points and margins for maximum success and satisfaction, and how to balance creativity with acting as the boss. Prepare to be inspired! Listen to the entire interview right here! Links David Merrell [Instagram] David Merrell [Facebook] David Merrell [Twitter] AOO Events [Website] AOO Events [Instagram] AOO Events [Facebook] AOO Events [Twitter] AOO Events [Pinterest] AOO Floral [Website] AOO Floral [Instagram] AOO Floral [Facebook]