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The Wedding Biz

Mar 18, 2019

Designing and planning an event is creating theater and telling a story. Today’s guest has a unique set of skills that he uses to tell these wonderful stories that we call weddings and special events.

Colin Cowie, of Colin Cowie Lifestyle, is an iconic event planner and designer. Yet again, Colin is working on a host of exciting, fun and diverse projects that will take him all over the world. The experience starts the moment the clients arrive to meet him. Tune in today and get the inside scoop on the exhilarating world of Colin Cowie.

Show Highlights:

  • Colin’s answer to what were his favorite events of the previous year
  • Creating theater, telling stories
  • The particular ways Colin educates his employees/team of his company culture
  • The process of being innovative and constantly reinventing oneself
  • Embracing millennials and operating in a buyer’s market
  • The process from when a client arrives through the event
  • How Colin prices his services
  • Creative partners and how Colin chooses them
  • How Colin works with his creative partners
  • What Colin dreams of after all these years
  • Brainstorming sessions and creating what is relevant
  • Focusing on sustainable hospitality


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