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The Wedding Biz

Oct 22, 2018

Have you ever felt stifled by the exactness and predictability of your chosen career? Today’s guest spent years studying science, such as molecular biology and organic chemistry, all the while his creative side was calling.. Eventually, he transitioned to photojournalism and found that he was really good at it, and more importantly, it fed his soul.

Andrè Maier of Andrè Maier Photography has a special gift for photographing subjects and events so that they look as natural as they do in person. It’s not an easy aesthetic to create, because looking natural is as much about what you don’t see, as what you do see. Andrè tells a story with his photography - much the way a journalist would. Andrè thinks of himself as a wedding photojournalist, and not your typical photographer. Andrè has even photographed the Dalai Lama! Join us as he shares his journey from science to art and how he feels now that he is living his passion.

Show Highlights:

  • The origin of Andrè’s passion for photography
  • Why Andrè left science for the arts
  • Andrè’s one year of photography school
  • How Andrè has re-defined photojournalism
  • Andrè shares some of his most memorable photo shoots
  • How Andrè got started shooting events
  • Transitioning from events to weddings as a photojournalist
  • Shooting the Dalai Lama
  • Andrè’s process for capturing the best images of the wedding and the couple
  • Andrè’s take on networking and how it impacts his business
  • The story behind Andrè’s awesome family photos on his website - don’t miss them!
  • What’s next for Andrè


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