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The Wedding Biz

Aug 26, 2019

Andy is excited to welcome, Ali Barone of Ali Barone Events, a multidimensional event design company. Ali was also on TLC’S show “While You Were Out,” an emmy-nominated home improvement and design TV show.

In this episode, Ali chats about her childhood, moving to the city with help from her grandma and friends to work in television by designing sets for shows and working with Diana Gould Limited. She tells us how she found her calling when she started planning events and even tells us about an event that she was really proud of and why education is so important to her.

Listen as Ali tells us about what it takes to bring an event together and how she puts on workshops to educate people about how event works. Why Preston Bailey’s Protege Program is such a wonderful learning experience, which she speaks at, and why she believes that getting people together in her coworking loft makes a difference. This is a really wonderful episode that will make you want to sit back and take it all in. 

Show Highlights:

[02:44] Welcome to the show Ali Barone!

[02:52] Andy and Ali chat about the TV show she was on and whether or not people recognize her on the street.

[03:44] Ali talks about growing up in Brooklyn and her parents moving the family to the country.

[07:05] Which part of her childhood inspired her launch into the career she has now?

[10:07] Does technology and safety today keep children from exploring outdoors like we did in our childhood?

[12:25] Ali tells us how hard it was to tell her parents that she wanted to be an art major, when they wanted her to go into the medical field.

[13:45] She talks about moving to the city to start working in theater and television and how her Grandma Rose helped her.

[15:43] Ali had contacts from her college years that she got in touch with for a place to live and got a job on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.

[19:05] Ali got her break with the TV show ‘While You Were Out’.

[20:35] She assisted a friend on an event for the Children's National Defense Fund which won a BizBash award, where she fell in love with event design.

[21:07] Ali got a job as a head designer with Diana Gould Limited.

[22:48] After working with Diana Gould Limited for 5 years she opened her own company Ali Barone Creations.

[27:41] When starting her new company what did Ali do to get her ideal client? 

[30:54] Her first steps for new clients is to get a call with them to see if they would be a good fit for each other.

[32:28] Ali believes that you need a thought process of abundance...what does she mean by that?

[33:05] Her second meeting is a one on one at the venue where they brainstorm. She encourages a Pinterest board for patterns and textures.

[35:05] Ali chats with Andy about some of the events she has planned that stick out in her memory.

[41:30] Ali says that in event planning/designing no one vendor is more important than the other, it's a big giant jigsaw puzzle that has to fit together.

[42:58] Her goal was to grow her business in volume and sales by 20% every year until she felt satisfied.

[44:07] She says education is so important, which is why she works with Preston Bailey and his protege program. 

[46:35] She has a coworking loft that brings women in business together socially and offers workshops to educate people.


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Ali Barone

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