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The Wedding Biz

May 20, 2024

Join Andy in welcoming Kathleen Deery, the creative force behind Kathleen Deery Design and the Chief Creative Officer of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events, to The Wedding Biz! With a childhood steeped in floral admiration, Kathleen recounts her journey from a small town in New Jersey to the bustling design studios of San Francisco. She shares insights into her role as a tastemaker within the prestigious catering company, highlighting her knack for infusing events with innovation and creativity.

From collaborating with renowned planners to crafting immersive environments, Kathleen's expertise shines through. Listen in as she offers insights into the intricacies of event planning, emphasizing the importance of understanding clients' visions and creating memorable experiences. Drawing on her experience with high-profile events, Kathleen also shares anecdotes, including a whimsical Bridgerton-themed wedding set amidst lush gardens.

Kathleen also reflects on the demands of her multifaceted role and the perpetual quest for balance, yet amidst the whirlwind, she finds solace in cultivating her own flower garden and nurturing her team's creativity. Looking ahead, Kathleen expresses optimism for the future of Paula LeDuc, fueled by a commitment to excellence and a collaborative spirit.

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Time Stamps

[0:03] - Andy shares how he has found renewed passion in podcasting and revitalized his music business.

[1:46] - Today’s guest is Kathleen Deery of Kathleen Deery Design and Paula LeDuc!

[2:58] - Kathleen reveals how her lifelong love for flowers, nurtured by her mother, led to her successful design company.

[5:09] - Hear how Kathleen's role as a tastemaker and co-owner revitalizes Paula LeDuc.

[7:16] - Kathleen emphasizes the importance of relationships in event planning, focusing on personalized, theatrical experiences.

[10:11] - Kathleen thrives on building heartfelt connections with clients, adding value to event planning experiences.

[12:51] - Hear Kathleen reminisce about a Bridgerton-themed wedding, showcasing meticulous details and personalized touches for 350 guests.

[15:56] - Kathleen touches further upon the dramatic touches of the event.

[18:25] - Listen as Kathleen shares an anecdote about resourcefulness in event planning, highlighting the importance of a reliable team.

[20:22] - Kathleen recounts a fabric mishap at a wedding, saved by the timely intervention of a friend in the tenting business.

[22:36] - Despite having initial doubts, Kathleen embraces the opportunity for growth and learning in her new role.

[24:50] - Kathleen relishes her decision despite challenges, including balancing responsibilities and missing hands-on floral work.

[27:40] - What does success mean to Kathleen?

[28:58] - Andy reveals where Kathleen can be found online.


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