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The Wedding Biz

May 13, 2024

Andy is so pleased to be bringing Jacin Fitzgerald of Jacin Fitzgerald Events onto The Wedding Biz this week! Join Andy as he and Jacin discuss the world of event planning and hospitality, with Jacin sharing her journey from working in corporate events to launching her own business in 2009. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jacin developed a strong work ethic and a passion for hospitality, and she emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and making clients feel welcomed and valued.

The conversation also involves Jacin's approach to event planning, which prioritizes getting to know clients on a personal level. From handling unexpected challenges like sprinkler mishaps at events to orchestrating last-minute Super Bowl parties on yachts, Jacin shares how she navigates the complexities of destination weddings and high-profile events with grace and adaptability.

Andy's and Jacin's discussion also touches on pricing philosophy, marketing strategies, the transformative power of meditation in maintaining mental well-being amidst the demands of the industry, and more! Listen in to discover how Jacin's blend of meticulous planning and “unreasonable hospitality” sets her events apart and ensures unforgettable experiences for her clients.

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Time Stamps

[0:03] - Andy reveals today’s guest to be Jacin Fitzgerald and reflects on having invested in his band's growth by treating them to dinner and a concert.

[2:41] - Jacin emphasizes the importance of maintaining calm energy as event planners facing various challenges.

[4:27] - Jacin shares a funny anecdote from a chaotic wedding event, reflecting on her entrepreneurial family background.

[6:33] - Jacin highlights her strong work ethic, sharing experiences of teamwork and inclusivity from her upbringing.

[8:19] - How did Jacin get involved in the wedding business?

[9:21] - Jacin explored various jobs, including event planning, through temporary work, ultimately founding her own wedding planning business.

[12:07] - Jacin's team focuses on two weddings annually, prioritizing hospitality and accessibility while also setting boundaries.

[13:57] - Learn how Jacin prioritizes understanding clients' preferences to create events where they feel at home.

[15:36] - Jacin reveals how she adapted to clients' true preferences, shifting to meaningful simplicity.

[18:05] - Jacin's team smoothly turns mishaps into memorable experiences, like a spontaneous water party.

[19:59] - Hear how Jacin's team swiftly relocated an event to avoid clashes,

[22:14] - Engage revolutionized Jacin's networking, fostering a global community for idea-sharing and support.

[24:07] - Jacin discusses her pricing philosophy.

[26:50] - Social media is not Jacin's forte, as she prefers authentic sharing and traditional networking for reputation building.

[29:56] - We learn that Jacin values resilience and meditation, learning to balance work and life for fulfillment and success.

[32:12] - Jacin recommends the book Unreasonable Hospitality.

[33:27] - Jacin reflects on the intense demands of the event industry during COVID, finding solace in meditation.

[36:21] - Jacin feels that having tools like breathing techniques helps manage stress in high-stakes event planning effectively.

[37:15] - Andy reveals where Jacin can be found online.




Will Guidara - Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect



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