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May 6, 2024

Tune in as Andy interviews Harold James, a unique French hair and makeup artist in that he prioritizes the individual beauty and personality of each and every one of his clients. Harold is a pretty prolific makeup artist, having done work for celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Amber Valetta, Angelina Jolie, Karlie Kloss, Susan Sarandon, and Kendall Jenner. He has also contributed to a number of top publications like Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italy, Elle Italia, Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, as well as many others.

When Harold was a young boy, he would often advise family members such as cousins and sisters what they should do with their hair, and it eventually got to the point at which they would approach him for recommendations! Although he didn’t really become interested in beauty magazines until he was well into his teens, he loved watching his mother do her hair and makeup. He also didn’t immediately go into a beauty profession, initially going into finance, but he was inspired to go into beauty because of a friend whom he loved to watch do it as a hobby.

He also talks about how he finds a balance between being forward with current fashion and current trends while also being aware of what is age appropriate and what is appropriate for a specific event that a client might be attending. He stresses how important that it is that, no matter what, his clients feel beautiful and confident. He also deals with a very wide range of different personalities amongst his clientele which, as he shares, is the most challenging aspect of his job but is also something that he finds exciting.

In closing, Harold is gracious enough to offer advice to anyone who might be up and coming in a similar line of work and wants to take their work to the next level, encouraging people to find their own version of perfection. He also defines success, in so far as what it means to him, saying that he feels that he has been successful when he feels happy and satisfied with his work.

Andy is a big admirer of Harold and his work and had a great time chatting with him. Be sure to check Harold out online using one of the resources mentioned, and you are also encouraged to share this episode with friends and/or colleagues who might enjoy it! A review would also be very much appreciated, as would tuning in next time on The Wedding Biz!

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Time Stamps

[00:29] – Today’s episode is a revisit of Andy’s interview with Harold James.

[01:23] - Harold reveals what aspirations that he had as a child that led to his eventual work in hair and makeup.

[03:06] - Harold details the funny story around the first time that he served a client in the beauty industry.

[06:25] - Harold discusses how he was initially working in fashion but not hair and makeup.

[08:05] – Harold explains why doing makeup in France is very different from doing makeup in the United States.

[10:01] - Harold's journey from LA to Japan led to global beauty exploration and cultural understanding.

[12:07] - Harold's passion spans makeup, hair, vintage movies, fashion exhibits, and empowering women through photography.

[14:00] - Harold comments on the composition and texture aspects of his work.

[17:24] - Harold explains how he balances being fashion forward but also being age appropriate and event appropriate.

[19:01] - We hear how Harold applies nearly the same beauty principles with his celebrity clientele as he does his other clients.

[21:33] - Harold enthusiastically shares that he still feels a lot of pressure when he does work for celebrities and brides, and he explains why.

[24:11] - Harold describes how his approach is similar and different when he does work for an advertising campaign or an editorial.

[25:09] - We learn what the most difficult aspect of Harold’s job is – dealing with different personalities – and how this is also something that he loves.

[26:03] - Harold tells a story involving one of his biggest challenges and how he overcame it.

[27:47] - Harold offers advice to people who want to go down a similar path as his.

[29:19] – Harold defines success as happiness and satisfaction with your work.

[30:40] - Andy reveals where Harold can be found online.



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