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The Wedding Biz

Apr 22, 2024

Andy dives into an enriching conversation this week with Anna Roussos, a prominent wedding photographer renowned across Europe. Anna shares her journey from a TV director to a distinguished wedding photographer, unveiling the pivotal moments that shaped her career.

Discover how Anna's childhood fascination with romance and artistry steered her towards capturing timeless moments of love and emotion through her lens. From her early days in fashion photography to her transformation into a leading figure in luxury wedding photography, Anna's story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

Anna has a truly unique approach to wedding photography, blending elegant reportage with a touch of fashion, and she shares insights into storytelling, aesthetic coherence, and client satisfaction. She also discusses the intricacies of branding and niche development in the wedding photography industry and unveils the key elements of building a successful luxury brand. She even elaborates upon the impact of technology and social media on wedding photography, from the demand for quick turnaround times to the rise of drone photography and content creation.

Gain valuable tips on portfolio curation, client communication, and balancing artistry with business acumen in the dynamic world of wedding photography. You won't want to miss out on this insightful conversation with Anna Roussos, and if you do enjoy it, then Andy would really appreciate it if you were to share it with a few good friends and industry colleagues who might also enjoy it! Andy would also appreciate it if you were to leave a top review wherever you listen to the show because that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[0:55] - Andy reveals this episode’s guest to be Anna Roussos!

[3:26] - When did Anna realize that she wanted to do photography as a career?

[5:44] - After discovering the joy of capturing love, Anna transitioned to full-time wedding photography.

[8:47] - Anna reflects on her style, revealing that her style style blends elegance with storytelling, emphasizing aesthetic cohesion and client satisfaction.

[11:42] - Anna prioritizes thorough client engagement, crafting detailed timelines and mood boards for personalized wedding photography.

[14:47] - Andy points out how collaborating with planners on draft timelines allows for optimal event coordination and enhancements.

[15:38] - Having input on draft timelines is crucial to Anna for capturing specific moments and adjusting as needed.

[18:44] - How does Anna describe her niche?

[19:43] - Anna argues that building a strong brand image through portfolio selection is vital for attracting ideal clients.

[22:46] - In today's fast-paced world of social media, quick delivery times are essential for photographers.

[25:59] - Anna feels that creating a luxury brand for wedding photography involves rarity, exclusivity, prestige, and authenticity.

[28:47] - Andy asserts that establishing immediate connection and excitement enhances the client experience from the first interaction.

[30:50] - Learn what equipment Anna is currently using.

[32:21] - Andy touches upon where Anna can be found online.



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