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The Wedding Biz

Apr 8, 2024

Andy is happy to welcome Fallon Carter to the show this week! Fallon is a renowned founder and creative director of Fallon Carter Events, and she is acclaimed for her fusion of southern hospitality with international luxury in event planning. Listen in as she shares insights into her childhood inclinations towards hosting and entertaining, tracing her journey from contemplating law school to discovering her passion for event planning after a pivotal experience in Paris.

The conversation unfolds into Fallon's distinctive approach as a planner and designer, characterized by a blend of southern tradition with modern aesthetics. She elaborates on her process of understanding clients' personalities and intentions through non-wedding-related photos, crafting unique experiences tailored to their desires.

Navigating challenges, Fallon also emphasizes the importance of resilience and continuous improvement, sharing her aspirations for building a solid business foundation and exploring additional revenue streams, such as the We Do Collective aimed at budget-friendly brides. Touching on industry insights and the societal pressure surrounding weddings, Fallon advocates for more accessible and personalized celebrations, highlighting the importance of emotional resonance over extravagant displays.


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Time Stamps


[0:04] - Andy is committing to taking several breaks a day, crucial for productivity and mental recalibration.

[1:24] - Today's interview is with Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Events!

[2:37] - Even as a child, Fallon was always drawn to hosting and entertaining, from baking to building projects in school.

[3:44] - We learn that, after saving a wedding crisis, Fallon realized her passion for event planning, leading her to New York.

[6:16] - Fallon discusses the invaluable lessons that she learned from the challenges around her first wedding.

[8:18] - Fallon describes her personal signature.

[9:31] - Fallon begins her usual process with clients by requesting five non-wedding-related photos, revealing their personalities and priorities.

[11:25] - Learn about Fallon's creative process, in which she compiles a Pinterest board based on client images, focusing on evoking the desired feeling.

[14:29] - Andy discusses challenges and how they're inevitable; he has, however, learned to manage them calmly with experience.

[17:39] - Navigating between creativity and business is a challenge, and finding harmony is essential for success.

[18:21] - Balancing a business's style with structure is important for success in diverse methods.

[20:48] - Fallon argues that stress drives us in this industry; she has faced breakdowns but keeps pushing.

[22:24] - Hear how Fallon started the We Do Collective, catering to budget-friendly brides, exploring further market opportunities.

[23:54] - Fallon feels that a lack of education fuels pricing misconceptions and that weddings can be beautiful at any budget.

[26:21] - How does Fallon define success?

[27:20] - Andy reveals where Fallon can be found online.




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