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The Wedding Biz

Jan 8, 2024

In this exciting episode of The Wedding Biz, Andy engages with the power-duo behind Sophie Felts Floral Design, Sophie Felts, Founder, and Erica Gamble, Partner and President. This dynamic duo, based out of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, thrives in the high-end design realm, curating stunning floral designs for wedding and event clientele that leaves their clients breathless!

The in-person chat uncovers a fascinating journey of Sophie and Erica, including how they got into the floral design business, formed a partnership, and continually fuel their creative process. You’ll hear about how this mom-turned entrepreneur and her insurance professional-turned-floral designer partner joined forces to make waves in the industry. Sophie and Erica also open up about their approach, pricing philosophy, challenges, and the workshop they offer, and they even share a distinct aspect of their business— collaborating with planners, focusing mainly on floral design.

This eye-opening episode will also take you through Sophie and Erica’s adventures – like a last-minute scrap of a dead pine tree for decoration, and their transparent approach towards budget comfort zones. Above all, the episode underlines an important aspect of their business – the importance of forming a great team. With a team of more than 60 people working on weekends, they emphasize how creating a business structure is a creative process that plays an integral part in their success.

Andy really hopes that you enjoy this engaging conversation with Sophie and Erica! If so, then Andy asks that you not keep it to yourself! Share the episode with some good friends who might also get something out of it, and be sure to also leave a top review wherever you listen to the show, as that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[1:17] - Andy announces that today’s guests are Sophie and Erica of Sophie Felts Floral Design!

[2:34] - After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Sophie was inspired by a hair salon to start a flower arrangement business.

[3:53] - In 2016, while jobless, Erica admired Sophie's unique flower arrangements on Instagram, prompting her to join the business.

[4:46] - Erica reflects on how her first experience of an exciting styled shoot with Sophie solidified her involvement in the business.

[6:05] - Sophie describes the company's overall approach to floral design.

[8:45] - The team begins client consultations with discussions on event date, budget, and preferences, often using mood boards and images for inspiration.

[11:51] - Sophie's team collaboratively uses Pinterest for concept development.

[14:27] - Sophie gives an example of how they incorporate last-minute items into their installations, significantly enhancing the final result.

[17:49] - Sophie explains that the business grew by embracing Erica's complementary skills, improving customer service, and smart budgeting.

[19:46] - Erica highlights their team's goal to provide a sustainable, creative career for women.

[21:43] - Sophie acknowledges their business is structured for larger-scale projects and may not competitively cater to clients with smaller budgets.

[23:26] - What is the hardest part of what Sophie and Erica do?

[24:08] - Erica touches upon an annual spring workshop to train a pool of freelance staff to aid their expanding floral business.

[27:25] - Sophie and Erica value balancing business with creativity, hiring artists for their team, but keeping the focus on efficient and profitable work.

[29:10] - Sophie expresses a desire to constantly evolve and improve, reflecting on each event and assessing what worked well and what didn't.

[31:50] - Erica acknowledges the challenge of expectations for Sophie's presence and credits Sophie's leadership for their success.

[33:07] - Regarding Sophie's leadership, Erica adds that Sophie invests a significant portion of her time consistently checking in with every team member.

[34:09] - Andy reveals where Sophie and Erica can be found on social media.



Find Sophie and Erica:

Sophie Felts Floral Design - Website

Sophie Felts Floral Design - Facebook Page

Sophie Felts Floral Design - Instagram Page

Sophie Felts Floral Design - Pinterest Page


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