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The Wedding Biz

Jan 1, 2024

Andy invites you to join this week for a revisit of his 2020 interview with Diane Khoury!! Have you ever heard of a bride planning her own wedding with 500 guests and with no experience in planning an event of any size? Listen as Andy and his guest Diane Khoury discuss how she was able to pull it off and why it was the reason she started her own wedding and event business plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz!

Diane is a Sydney-based event planner, quickly approaching 400,000 Instagram followers. Diane Khoury Weddings and Events has been credited for revolutionizing the planning, styling, and concept design of luxury weddings and events both in and out of Australia. Diane’s weddings stand out as stunning works of art with a passion for glamorous detail and an appreciation for unique displays. After being sought after by celebrities and socialites, Diane continues to catapult the definition of celebrating love and luxury in Australia.

Listen in as the episode delves into Diane's journey, from her upbringing shaped by Lebanese heritage to her unexpected entry into the event planning industry after planning her own wedding. She takes us through pivotal moments of her career, such as her leap from the corporate world, her approach to client engagement, and the challenges she faced, including a high-stakes event with a stuck ceiling installation.

Diane also shares insights into her pricing philosophy, the significance of social media in her success, and the delicate balance she maintains between her thriving career and fulfilling family life. She shares a poignant story of a christening event in Lebanon, illustrating her ability to bridge cultures and create magical, personalized celebrations.

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Time Stamps

[00:25] - This episode is a revisit of Andy's 2020 interview with Diane Khoury!

[01:29] - Diane discusses her childhood in Sydney.

[02:37] - Diane shares that she landed a retail job at age 13 and where she went after college.

[05:21] - Diane planned her own wedding, which propelled her into the wedding and event industry.

[06:16] - How did Diane know how to plan her wedding with 500 people and with no experience?

[08:18] - Diane transitioned from a disconnected corporate accountant to a thriving event planner driven by passion and genuine connections.

[10:27] - Diane was initially doing this on the side.

[12:23] - Diane reflects on how she faced fear and saw it as an opportunity to escape an unfulfilling corporate role, supported by her husband's encouragement.

[13:59] - Amidst the COVID pause, Diane reflects on six years of balancing family, business, and self-realization.

[15:21] - Diane shares her process from the first contact with the client through the end of the event.

[17:11] - Diane describes an event she did for a client in Lebanon and how she came up with the idea for her magical design.

[18:40] - Diane crafted a luxurious outdoor event in Australia, inspired by Lebanon's beauty, emphasizing family values.

[22:03] - How does Diane handle challenges?

[25:57] - A pivotal moment tested Diane's commitment as an event planner, reinforcing her dedication to fulfilling couples' dreams.

[27:22] - Diane shares how she balances the creative and financial sides of her business.

[28:49] - Diane speaks about how many full-time employees she has.

[29:20] - How does Diane price her events?

[29:56] - How does Diane feel about social media?

[31:40] - The most important thing on social media is showing people your personality.

[33:36] - Juggling various roles, Diane emphasizes the importance of support, family, and learning to delegate for growth.

[36:29] - Diane strives to instill a strong work ethic and passion-driven mindset in her children, fostering resilience and determination.

[38:43] - Andy reveals where Diane can be found online.




Lebanon Christening

Amra & Tony’s Wedding

Isabel & Troy’s Wedding


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