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The Wedding Biz

Aug 14, 2023

Andy welcomes you to another episode of The Wedding Biz in which he interviews Christopher Confero, a well known wedding planner and designer based out of Atlanta who manages to balance being not only the owner of his award-winning company Confero but also editor of the magazine Alabama Weddings. Christopher describes how his passions for music, performance, and theater shaped him creatively and continues to help him direct weddings and live events. Events, he reveals, allow him to be a creative storyteller and craft bespoke experiences for his clients.

Christopher also discusses his process of connecting with couples and designing weddings to reflect their personality. Although he has systems and processes, he says he tries to meet clients where they are and have natural conversations to make them comfortable, and he describes creativity as combining different elements in a cohesive way to bring life to his clients' love stories using his "childlike ability to play."

You can also expect to hear Christopher share specific examples of how he designed weddings using imagination and fresh perspectives, and he even reveals some of the challenges that he faces, especially the weather, and how he overcomes them through preparation and troubleshooting. Andy and Christopher agree on the benefits of having a business partner to manage the business side so that business owners can focus on the creative aspects if that is what they enjoy the most.

Andy had such a blast having this conversation with Christopher and really appreciates Christopher's willingness to be open and vulnerable. If you enjoy the conversation, then Andy would love it if you were to share it with colleagues and leave a top review. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode, and we will catch you next week on The Wedding Biz!


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Time Stamps

[0:00] – The sponsor of this episode is Zola.

[1:17] - We learn that this episode’s guest is event designer Christopher Confero!

[2:06] - Christopher confirms that his initial passions were in music and acting.

[2:35] - Christopher touches upon how his passion for music has helped him as a planner.

[4:16] - When did Christopher first feel a pull toward event design?

[5:57] - Christopher describes his personal signature.

[7:47] - Christopher walks us through his usual process with his clients.

[10:36] - Christopher explains his unique approach to wedding design.

[12:16] - We hear an example of how Christopher transforms spaces to reflect personalities.

[15:26] - Weather tends to be Christopher's biggest obstacle.

[18:26] - Christopher runs his wedding business and magazine from Atlanta and Birmingham.

[19:20] - Balancing event design and magazine editing is harder for Christopher than expected.

[22:52] - Christopher has learned to outsource so that he can focus more on the creative side.

[26:35] - Andy touches upon how travel and nature are inspirations for him.

[28:55] - What do success and legacy mean to Christopher?

[30:10] - Andy provides Christopher’s contact information.


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